ATTORNEYS have their own unique language. They know the difference between circuit and district courts, mediation and arbitration, summary judgment and final judgment, and several important burdens of proof and standards of review. They also know whether a complaint, answer, motion, petition, response, or brief should be filed and with which court, in order to accomplish your goals. As a client in need of guidance and representation, you need someone who speaks this language but also can translate it into something that you understand and that is practical to your situation. For that, you have come to the right place.

LAWSUITS come in many shapes and sizes. Litigation and Appeals Advocacy, PLLC, handles several types of lawsuits, including contract and business disputes, probate/estate and trust contests, and real estate and title litigation. As well, the firm works with other lawyers in co-counsel relationships, when clients could benefit from the skill sets and increased capacity of multiple attorneys. And if your legal needs do not match the qualifications of this firm, referrals to other appropriate attorneys can be given.

APPEALS are a unique type of litigation involving specialized rules and courts. Just like you would not expect a pediatrician to be the best doctor to care for you throughout your whole life, your trial counsel may not be the best choice to handle your appeal. In fact, experienced trial counsel often recommend early consultation with an appellate lawyer if an appeal is anticipated by either side. Stacy J. Ford of Litigation and Appeals Advocacy, PPLC, began her legal career as a staff attorney at the highest appellate court in Florida and has been practicing appellate law for nearly two decades.